I, A Human



I finally had my bumbling baby boy. He is absolutely gorgeous. Sweet, not really quiet, and seems to want to walk way before his time.
What an interesting thought, yes?
And better yet, why does it still apply to adulthood?
Well, you should look before you leap. You should prepare for the worst.
And the great.
You, as a human, should always keep in mind that you are human.
But it is so hard to do so, as all feel a certain superior justice above the rest of mankind. As if we run the place.
Until your husband cheats, a friend lies, a spider bites you…
You then realize you never had control and thus…
You are human.
Sticking with reality is best for all. Why stress over the inevitable? Take life as it comes.

New projects
My partner and I are in the beginning process of starting a new book, based on a slippery, illusive, charming time traveling gentleman known as Erin Bailey.
His love affair with the only thing the human race can’t control has him trying to reverse the change his apprentice made along the way. In the mist of covering his tracks, Erin falls for his apprentice’s daughter, Cassandra, who is just as consumed as her father was with time travel. No matter where Erin ends up, however, he begins to leave a bread crumb trail that’s beyond easy for the TTC (Time Travelers Commission) to follow.
Intriguing, yes? Gosh, we hope so!
On top of that, the deadline for Bleeding Stars and Paper Hearts: Romance of the Synthies has been pushed back by two months. So instead of August 15th, it will be sometime in October.
I am  also hoping to continue pushing out poems. Hoping.

There will be changes coming, and yes…we will keep you informed! It’s more so the color theme as well as a few additional pages being added. Next month, we anticipate to have the store up and running again. It has been such a hectic year!
As usual, thanks for reading, following the blog, and liking the posts!
Where to look-

Graphic Novelist JCS

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