Discontent Array of Ease



Your accomplishments should always be something to marvel at. Even if it takes you a lifetime to accomplish one. The goal is finishing and should not be excelling above others. But, alas. Human nature thrives on competition.
So, instead of challenging a complete stranger…challenge yourself!
You would more than likely be far more productive than you ever would trying to keep up.
I have come to the realization that cheating is overlooked now, and genuine hard work might be looked down upon.
Since the tables have turned , and technology makes it easier to accomplish the impossible,. It seems as though things such as cursive and free hand art work are now obsolete.
It happened slowly over time, even I have several devices. But perhaps I am old school. Preferring to stay with what I know. Its perfectly alright to have your cake and eat it too, though. I can free hand so to speak with pencil and paper and do so on my phone or tablet on a drawing program…stylus included.
I value what I learned over the years because in some cases, it feels like you have the upper edge on things. I believe it should be a requirement to legibly write cursive and know the human anatomy while illustrating.
We are skipping crucial steps with things as simple as thinking. Is there a higher power hoping we become numb at the brain? Or have we preconditioned ourselves, mind you, if everything is done for us we will then be like children. Or worse, in a vegetable state.
It really seems to be heading in that direction. And the only reason I have any form of sanity and safety from it all is my undying loyalty to write, write, write.
And in the end, I will rate my success on what I can finish and not what the other person is doing.

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