Of it’s new, it’s old.
The in between for the bold.
To counter, to pretend.
To take a sudden turn near the end.
Or to crumble and fail.
And draw down one’s sail.
For she is on the isle.
Waving, with a smile.
What have you encountered?
The secret was enough.
But what of your adventures?
For things she hadn’t thought of.
Is she forgiving?
More so, she’s the one.
But you weren’t just mending wounds my dear…
You were having fun.
This world, she sees, is crazy.
But you know this by far.
You’ve tangled your emotions…
and attached them heart by heart.
And now you’re slowly melting though you hate the way it feels.
Yet, you know now you can rest.
For here…it is beyond real.

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