A Constant Work in Progress

I am always editing and changing something. I think a lot of people believe it fell together like that…and it was awesome. The end.

But, in actuality, I try not to drive myself insane fixing everything I need to keep up with.

I had a fellow author ask me about four years ago why I got so many website visitors, and she didn’t.

I told her I didn’t know. It wasn’t a fitting answer for her, and eventually she got blocked on Facebook because I am not a competitive person.

But now I can answer the question since I’ve been doing this for four years.

I don’t stop. Period. Especially when I put my mind to it. I have it set up to where even if I decide to take a break, my content just doesn’t stop. People visit the site, follow me on Twitter and Instagram, like my page. And I just don’t stop.

There is no secret ingredient. Special ways to gain momentum or success driven goals that get you there.

It’s just flat out hard work.

Take it like a shot of burning vodka and deal with it.

I just don’t stop.

This keeps me from comparing myself. I don’t know what others do because I only care about what I’m doing. Once I begin caring about what others do, I’d have to ask myself why it mattered in the first place. It isn’t to suggest that my work is better. But it is my work…

I also don’t see the point in comparing because what works best for me won’t work best for someone else. Honestly, I just do whatever my mind feels I should be doing.

No matter if you’re a self published author or doing something in another trade.

Stay in your lane. And don’t stop.

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