Fickle, Are Humans

I purchased gel nail polish and top coat because I own a lamp specifically meant for that type of polish. I decided I may return them, and walked over to my neighborhood Sally Beauty Supply. Sadly, their computers were down because of the spring storms that usually take place in March along Tornado Alley, where the headquarters just so happen to be. In Texas, I believe.

Can you believe that people were rude to these workers for something they couldn’t prevent. Something they couldn’t fix? I’m serious…we’re getting mad about make up, nail polish and hair dye people!

I was kind to them and they were appreciative. I was told they’ll remember my return when I come back. But a storm knocking out power for millions and knowing killing a handful isn’t important when it comes to your looks.

I have gotten used to finding a new way when another way I’m used to just doesn’t work. It is sad to know even older people are obsessed with looking a certain way and demand respect…but do not give it.

I used to work for the public. I can tell you first hand, people are horrible. I’ve had people try me and I’ve had to tell people to go fuck themselves. Then I just decided to write and draw for a living because the drama definitely isn’t worth it. People have placed vanity above necessity, and are mingling with rotting souls of the past and present.

And the craziest part, as I’ve mentioned.

They want YOUR respect.

People have pretty much had it with people. Funny thing to say, and read. But understand it. I want you to get out of my way, no matter who I’m inconveniencing in the process. You want me to make your food as fast as possible, even though there’s twenty others waiting as well. But if I or anyone else were to pressure the offensive…they would then be offended, or wouldn’t be able to handle it.

Take some time to realize what you’re doing to someone before you believe you’re in the right. Make sure you can recall everything, because if you can’t.

You’re a mindless dick.

Yes, I said it. You are beyond the borders of ever returning, and no matter what anyone tells you…you will never recover. If this post is angering you, as you read…you may as well consider yourself a lost soul.

Your priorities should be to care for others around you. Then you consider yourself. And if you have nothing left, at least the person you help may be able to share considering your propriety.

Apparently, it is easier said than done.

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