What No One Is Telling You About Amazon.


As an indie author, the anticipation of book sells always has me on my heels. But recently, I found there wasn’t a need to be excited, thanks to the crooked book selling system set up by Amazon.
I am announcing that all five books will be pulled from their Kindle versions, and that all books will only be available via paperback.
I had a recent jump in seller’s rank, and this caused celebration amongst my ranks. One of my books was currently sitting at 3,600,000 or so. I began running an ad and noticed that it jumped all the way to 187,000. Since I checked at night and knew how rankings worked, I knew at one point it was close to or below 100,000.
Thrilled, and positive I sold books, I waited a month and a half to receive nothing. Except that Amazon had a program going on with their Kindle Select books that I was clearly not apart of. Not to mention, only three people borrowed my book…which…according to Amazon…moved my seller’s rank in a better position.
I believe that’s complete bullshit, considering what a lot believe it takes to sell books.
I am not suggesting in any way that Amazon may have possibly gotten away with something. I am telling you that they did. The system is set up to encourage books that will do well for Amazon, so if you’re a seemingly low life, self published starving author…you can kiss that glorious dream good bye.
You know. Selling so well you make the #1 spot on Amazon.
So, I’m going to be completely old fashioned about this. I will start with my local book stores THAT ARE LOCALLY OWNED. I encourage you to do the same. I also recommend, as I will be doing myself…purchasing your books and carrying a copy or two with you. That way, when the topic comes up…either give them the book for free OR sell it for a discounted price. Most of my books are more than $15, so I am going to sell some of them for $5.
I have a Paypal plug in I will be using for those interested in purchasing a copy. This way, I can keep records of how many books were sold…and use that information when it is time to file taxes.
Most importantly, I am going to keep an open mind, as I have done the entire four years I’ve been doing this. Needless to say, I am famous. But there is always going to be an issue. Always.
So remember, unless you publish paperbacks only, know that you will more than likely be screwed over.


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