April 2016


Finally, it’s April! I am absolutely stoked about this month, excluding the fact that no one has entered my contest! Fine by me!, I’ll have to wait for another time, I suppose.

We have a lot going on. Firstly, I have a team helping me with Byond Epic Entertainment’s Golden Age. We’ll be celebrating my accomplishments on the 16th of this month, then in June, we will be going to the Denver Comic Con. Everything has been paid for. Next step…my boyfriend’s wings for his costume. He will be cosplaying Brandon, the angel of war from Bleeding Stars and Paper Hearts. I will be going as Brandon’s companion, Adrianna.

And the people helping me will be passing out freebies like tee shirts and the Byond Epic Ent. Complilation-Pure. Immortal. This features short stories and passages from all of the main characters as well as the most interesting, including Frankie, Azrael, Brandon, and Tobias.

Before we continue, I want to thank Krystal Inez and Nicole Marchese for not only attending the party, but openly giving me their time to help. I really appreciate it! I also want to thank David Logan for helping Byond Epic Entertainment, and joining us for the birthday/accomplishment celebration! Lastly, and from the bottom of my heart, I want to thank Eddie Hanch, best business partner a girlfriend could have!

Is there anything you should know? Yes. We do not have booth space at the Denver Comic Con. We are still very small and widely unknown (except in India, lol) and as far as graphic novels and Science Fiction goes, I must be near death before someone notices. LOL fine by me.

We are going as a huge troop, basically. About five kids strong, with five adults. We’re also only attending one day! You won’t be able to miss us though, those who aren’t in character will be wearing Byond Epic tee shirts and angel wings.

That’s pretty much it!

I will cancel the contest if by Tuesday, April 5th, no one has entered. It isn’t a devastating issue, as I’d be paying an arm and a leg purchasing my own books, shipping shirts and so on. We will wait for a better time to do it, sometimes once is enough!

I will begin posting poetry again, and I encourage you to read it. A lot of my work is sweet, simple and to the point…but as I have been told-intense. What an interesting combination.

Lastly, and most importantly, more artwork is on the way. But I want to remind those who enjoy my work, that it is a process. It isn’t necessarily because I have three children. It’s mostly because it is time consuming. And if you’re good, it takes even longer. Details are important, as well as quality.

I want to thank my followers and those who read and pay attention!

Until next time!




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