My View, Your View



I would like to address this as an issue, and possibly verification of my sanity.
I am not Christian, and represent no other religions. I believe there is a Creator, and everything we know and believe creates a whole.
On the other hand, I do not support pressuring people to agree with something you believe. You can lay down facts all you want, at the end of the day you’re an asshole for assuming what you believe makes you correct.
My mother attempted to purchase a children’s bible for my kids. My issue is that they’re 7 and 8 and are still…children. I think preconditioning at a young age alters their thinking in a bad way. If you tell a kid they’re going to hell for lying, they’ll lie to stay out of this hell you’ve presented.
If you tell them the truth about lying…that it isn’t worth it. And that EVERYONE HAS LIED. They will be less likely to lie. My kids do not lie to me to save themselves from trouble. They take the discipline that’s coming.
To me, religion is crowd control, depending on what religion it is. The only religions/practices I’ve seen in action that don’t seem to demean your worth? Buddhism and Hinduism. Both are by choice, and they are more values to them then all the religions combined and multiplied a billion times over.
At the same time, when I meet someone who practices Hinduism and Buddhism…they may relay a story or advice to be helpful…but they don’t tell me I’m going to hell. (or that I’m doomed or broken)
I really believe that people who tell you you’re lost are the ones that are actually lost. But it is not my life mission to show them the light…I’d be creating something I’m against.
So we want freedom to express ourselves? Or do we want the freedom to express ourselves to attempt brain wash people and the judge them based on their freedom of choice?

Graphic Novelist JCS

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