Small and Simple


I threw a very nice party for my birthday, which is today. Unfortunately, no one came. One person, I can excuse. She lives far and she wasn’t sure if she’d get a ride.
The other person…had no reason. So, since no one takes me seriously except my boyfriend…no one is going to Comic Con on my dime. I’ll be selling the five tickets I purchased, and going along my way.
It doesn’t hurt to do things alone, or keep things small. I will continue to do so as I go along my journey.
I keep thinking I need help and I don’t. I decorated, cooked, and enjoyed my party without anyone’s help, honestly. I could have made cup cakes. I wanted to because I knew I was going to be disappointed. This isn’t the first time something like this has occurred.
I will also not sit up and be upset…because I knew it was coming. I was told that since I am famous, a hard worker and a business owner…that if I am not taken seriously the first time I ask, to keep it pushing.
So I will.
We all anticipate people to do for us…but we never do for anyone else.

The Denver Comic Con
It will be my small tribe going this year. We are very excited and cannot wait to pass out books, shirts, and prints.
We will be passing out a compilation titled Byond Epic Beings: Pure.Immortal. This book will cover back stories for mainly the main characters and for a few of our favorites. It will be available for purchase by the middle of May. And there will be new illustrations to go along with it.
As for our costumes, I will be going as Adrianna from Bleeding Stars and Paper Hearts, and my companion will be going as Brandon, the angel of war and Adrianna’s lover.
I’ll be making his wings, which is going to be an interesting project to say the least. I’ve looked every where for decent sized wings, and it is probably better that I make them. We want his costume to stand out as much as possible.
Our offspring will be helping us pass out books, prints, and a couple of shirts. And that’s it. I would say it all work and no fun but…it’s Comic Con…
And I’m a nerd.
My Designs on Vida
About a month ago, I missed an email asked that I design for Vida, an Ecommerce shop that supports artists world wide.
They emailed me again a few days ago, and I now have a shop set up featuring my artwork on some very nice pieces of clothing. This is a huge milestone for me, I have always wanted to design my artwork into unique garments.
I will be promoting my shop, and there is a page here on the website already set up. There isn’t a desire to sell so many shirts that I can feed my family, but it is really cool that I have been given this opportunity.
Some would suggest that it isn’t a big deal. Others are openly jealous. I say this is just the beginning.
Visit the “Artist, Author. Designer” page here on the website!

As always, thanks for visiting and reading! Enjoy this upcoming week!

Graphic Novelist JCS

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