What is the best thing about success?
It is immeasurable as far as money goes, and you shouldn’t use money to scale your success…
But accomplishments within your journey…and your ambition.
Your drive…all of that is a better qualifiying measurement of success.
Don’t let the world fool you into believing money and fame are a huge part of success. Even a famous person can’t finish an important lesson.
Setting a goal, finishing it…nay…doing it so well even you have to sit back and admire it.
That is success.

I am a very busy woman. First and foremost…I am a mother and a lover. After that, I am a world famous author, artist, model, designer, and public figure. So forgive me if I don’t have time to entertain your crap. I wouldn’t expect anyone to cater to my crap.
So when someone such as myself needs something done, or expects someone to do or be somewhere…out of the kindness of my heart…please do so.
I have had two people decide their comfort was more important, which is totally fine. The issue they face is not realizing that I have been nice for far too long. Instead of dwelling upon what I can do to get people to keep their word, I’ve decided that you only get one chance.
It has been expressed to me that since I am on a road to success that is never ending…it is time to institute rules for people who want to engage with me. Whether I hire them or not.
Unlike Walmart or any other low paying job, I don’t need you. So if I need to make a change…just like Walmart, on the other hand…I will fire you. Yes, it’s time to ask how high to jump when I want to put you on.
If you were in my position…you wouldn’t accept anything less. So why then…do you believe you are immune to the needs of someone requesting your help?
After this conversation, I was told that I need to surround myself with people who are doing the same thing I am. No one in my generation takes life seriously except my lover and one of my good friends. Since those odds are so bleak…my circle will probably be small. And I’m okay with that, I have a big family anyway.
This isn’t to make a comparison-let’s not even get started on that. This is to address the reality of what I do and why I am as successful as I am. If this in anyway offends you…
You guessed it! Exit stage left!
For a long time, I would dwell on issues that I shouldn’t even bother giving my attention to. And since now after all I have done and do…and I’m still not being taken seriously?
Fuck it.
I do not have to excuse my manners on this.
Either you get it, or you’ll be left behind!

Graphic Novelist JCS

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