The Struggle is Real




Our set desire is to flourish happily without consent to others feelings. We want money, fame, and everything that comes with it. Including freedom. But if you’re famous…you are not free.
I have been doing this…everything…for four years. It has been my hope that someone wants to read my books. I can admit that being famous seemed like a good idea. But I would rather continue writing, publishing, illustrating and being a mother and lover.
I am accomplished and will continue to do what I know best.
But whether you’re alive or dead…
The general public doesn’t respect your life when you’re famous.
Comic Con

We have a month and a few days before Comic Con is among us. Mostly, we will be posting pictures from the event, along with a few blog posts. Since this is a new experience for us, we’re still in spectator mode!
We’re very excited as this day approaches, and we encourage you to follow our little journey. Originally, we meant to bring books with us. But people often show they’re not interested unless they already know what it is.
I will be passing out flyers and a couple of shirts. Spreading the word is more important than trying to get everyone on your side.
I am blessed to have this opportunity. It has been a struggle and will continue to be that way.


I will only address this because I’m sure it seems as though I’m just fine.
My family and I know and are aware of how important it is to address it. We also realize that it is common after having children…whether it is your first or fourth.
It isn’t something that can be fixed, instead it something that needs to be worked on. I’m working on it because I have too much to lose if I don’t work on it. So I’ve gotten a few bright pieces of clothing and accessories. I have a journal were I post my thoughts. I try to get out more often.
It helps. Talking about it helps-but only for a little while.
But if you don’t address it openly…no one can try to help you. My boyfriend purchased a sketch pad, colored pencils, a journal…and pretty much anything else I wanted or needed. Not excessive, but it helped.
He also told me instead of weighing him down…to write about it. Because if I depress him…he’s not going to be able to function properly enough to help me. And he’s right. Address it, and work on it. It won’t go away entirely and it won’t be fixed over night. This has been over the course of several months.
I also realize it sounds easier than it seems, but I can assure you I still have bad days.
My kids, mother, and my boyfriend are very understanding. This helps too. If you can, build a team. Have someone you can regularly check in with. I had a good friend tell me to talk to him when I need to.
And just keep pushing.

I want to thank those who visit the website, and read the blog!

Graphic Novelist JCS

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