And Today, I shall be Strange


Failure is seen as the end. No one ever looks back at the past and tries to think of the best way to improve their future. Instead, people look at their past and dream dreams too big for ones head. They dream so much they’re punch drunk about the future, and have written off the past as if it were never meant to happen.

And they are incapable of realizing the future can hold failures as well. Once you accept that it’s completely out of your control, you begin to see things in a different light. As you so choose, however. This is where people really mess up. Yes, sometimes life just isn’t what it ought to be. But that doesn’t mean to expect doom and gloom on a daily basis. Keep it in mind.

In the back of your mind.

And in the meantime, focus on the now. Do what it is that you do, and continue to do so.


And Today, I shall be Strange-


I read my horoscope today. It told me to be weird! So guess what? It’s time to allow you a small part of visibility into my mind.

Lately, I’ve been able to visualize a staircase made of stars and gas…leading to a large cloud-somewhere in the distant universe. It is every color you can imagine, there to speculate upon. I have yet to determine its purpose, but it’s fascinating because I can see it, right there.

Do you utilize your mind like this? You should try it! Why? I often hear of people claiming they cannot write, and haven’t in awhile. I feel that if you’re able to visualize anything…write it down. I feel it’s important to explore as many parts of your mind as you can. You’ll know how much your spirit can handle during this journey.

And know there is no end. Just because everything has a cycle…goes into a full circle…remember that all of what we know is continuous.

To a certain extent.

Next up-anime. Are you an anime fan? I always have been. Unfortunately, mine came with Digimon and Yu-Gi-Oh. But I have further advanced to Cowboy Bebop, Ghost in the Shell, the Stand Alone Complex (and 2nd Gig), Death Frenzy, Death Note, and Black Lagoon. (let’s not forget Attack on Titan, which I haven’t come close to finishing.)

It isn’t that I prefer to view things differently, it is because I love to. It is a good time, and ties into my passionate nerdy life.

I’m also a big fan of Star Wars and Lord of the Rings. But with Lord of the Rings, I actually knew the books existed before the saga of movies was a big hit. When I make my books into films, I will be doing so independently. I want as much of my content thrown in as possible!

We can add one last bit, that may throw you for a loop. I am forever imagining new ideas for books and series. The issue is…writing them down and getting them going. But I usually don’t forget my ideas…of course I’m young still!

When I have alone time, I play out the possibilities of my new ideas. It helps with stress I have accumulated during the day and it also helps clear my mind. But with all of that…it keeps those ideas of mine…fresh.

I highly recommend doing this when you’re stuck with writer’s block!

And I regret to inform you, this is literally a billionth of a fraction that goes on in my head!


As usual, thanks for reading!

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