First of the Month


It is the first day of June. We are fast on the approach of the Denver Comic Con!

I am happy to announce that a friend of mine will be in cosplay as Eliza from Bleeding Stars and Paper Hearts. Along with that character, I will be going as Adrianna, and my lover will be Brandon, the angel of war. Costume work is in full swing, and we’re very excited for this opportunity.

What will be taking place as we’re there? We’re simply passing out fliers, a few books, and a few shirts just to get the word out. Someone will guess, assume or ask what characters we are which makes it even more interesting as we’re prepare ourselves for the explanation that follows!

Most of all, we are there to have a good time.


I have had a lot of time to think, and it recently occurred to me why a lot of people aren’t interested in writing/books. Someone asked me, “wouldn’t it just be nice to have a lot money?”

The goal isn’t to become rich. This also doesn’t mean that this idea hasn’t come to mind, but it would be a waste of my time to only have money when writing and illustrating are a reward all in itself.

I encourage you to remember that when you’re purchasing any form of art. Whether it is music, books, or art work. Keep in mind that the sweat blood and tears are the cost…and the result is our angst…for you to enjoy.

So if it costs a little more than you’d like…or you feel artists and writers and devious…keep in mind that we’re literally giving you a piece of our mind…and our soul.

For you to enjoy.


Blogs will be short except a few days before Comic Con. We would all like to be as relaxed as possible. On top of that, I have been ill due to the pollen (as expected) and mold found in our home. It was neglected, and caused a lupus flare. I was in bed for a few days and I am back on my feet, but with the mold being in an apartment…we plan on addressing the issue as if we are to go to war.

I do have a few poems I’d like to post AND a preview from Bleeding Stars and Paper Hearts: Romance of the Synthies! This novel is set to release August 15th, 2016. If the date is delayed or cancelled…please remember everything will be posted here.

We will also take the time to post photos of our costumes a few days before the Denver Comic Con. This is to add ambiance to not only the books…but to my illustrations of some of my favorite characters.


Short. Sweet. Simple. I apologize for being frank! But I am very busy. I want to thank all who read, follow and like my posts.




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