Introvert and Proud


When you’re alone, in most cases you can think. You don’t have anyone breathing down your neck about what you’re done, or coming up to you with their hand out.

When you have friends around…you always on alert. For what they might say or do. It should never be like this.

I’ve never been good with friends. People do horrible things, and even if it happened when we were growing up or five years ago…this says something about your character.

Where I would be wrong is if I didn’t give people chances. Oh, but I do. In my mind, if they continue fucking up…

They won’t stop.


And it’s true.

I spent a lot of money for Comic Con this year and have found that people aren’t actually willing to help you unless there’s something in it for them.

I also found that tickets are selling out fast. I have four left.

On the plus side! I am almost done with my boyfriend’s costume. His wings are taking a whoe because they’re being hand panted. And my kids, my boyfriend and I are still heading down there to have a good time. I may even take my mother if she’s up to it!


I have an amazing poem I’ll be posting later. It is expressing how I feel without tearing anyone down. There isn’t a need to stoop so low that you end up on your belly just like the other person.

I’ve experienced jealous fits from people who I know…know better. I’ve had people wait four years to tell me I’m a bitch. And everyone else doesn’t take me seriously because I’m not rich.

People who lie…I don’t want to be bothered with. Those who consider themselves better than everyone by talking down to people…waste of my time.

But people who do all that and refuse to put any effort in life and expect to be rich? These are the ones Im running from. I just can’t do it. How do you just…not care? How are you going through life wondering what’s wrong and not seeing that it’s you?

It isn’t any of my business. Therefore, we can’t be friends simply for that reason. And I won’t work with anyone I know ever again. They think they can get away with more because you’re friends. This means you won’t get as mad, which means you’re not being taken seriously.

So since that’s the case, and I feel this is a huge issue…

I’m done. I’ve considered other options, which include me working by myself.


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