This Week


This month has gone by so quickly. It was as if it began, I blinked and we’re in the week before Comic Con starts! This is arguably the best year possible! I have come so far to get to this point, and I had quite a few obstacles come my way.

I’ve gotten rid of a few people because they were not willing to help in a timely fashion, rather, whenever they felt like it. I am unsure as to who they’ve ever helped in the past, but everyone knows picking up slack a week before an event is not only bad timing, but it’s almost impossible to not be stressed.

I have taken the time to pass out a few of my flyers to some people. But overall, the prizes I have remain for Saturday!

We will be taking as many pictures as possible during our time at the Denver Comic Con on Saturday. And I will post them on most of my social networks as soon as I can.


What’s Next On the Agenda

I will begin editing the third installment of Bleeding Stars and Paper Hearts, titled Romance of the Synthies. Brandon and Adrianna have made it below ground, after Brandon had bene missing in action for nearly four months.

Not only is Adrianna with child, the duo are on the brink of a huge war breaking out, and no one can be trusted. After discovering that Old Briggsville was merely buried alive, nothing makes sense anymore. Adrianna, being the only human alive without parts must face the reality once and for all.

That sanctity has never existed.

I hope to preview a few more passages as I go along my editing process, but I am very excited. I will also finish artwork for other characters such as Adrianna’s mother, Naomi, Nadia…even though there is a previous illustration of her, and Frankie and Cecilia…the odd couple from Purgatory.

The set release date right now is August 15th, 2016.

After #BSPH, I will be releasing Erin Bailey is a Time Lord. Very excited  We’re still working out the kinks for the first book, but it won’t be long.


What I’m Doing Right Now

Since I have my prizes and flyers sorted, I am still painting the angel wings my partner will wear and trying not to freak out

I want to set my expectations in the middle, instead of way up high, or way down low. The bigger issue we meet is people not being familiar with Byond Epic Entertainment and J.C.S.. I also have to take into consideration that a woman who does comics/graphic novels is a threat. So some will welcome it…but others may take the time to shun me.

We’re going to have a good time and to get the word out around my city because America is far beyond a lot of other countries when it comes to who I am. So I’m famous worldwide EXCEPT for the U.S.A…which hosts my smallest amount of fans.

I have finally figured out how to work Instagram. And when I say work, I mean I receive results. It’s still fairly tough but I’m very glad.

With that being said, I am not following anyone. Most of the people that follow me want a follow back and do not like items I post. Not to mention…I can only keep up with the 8 people I follow. At one point, I had about 70 people I was following. I have 229 follows and I refuse to follow more than 8.

Last but not least, I am deciding whether to stay friends with certain people. Every time I share news with someone, they show their true colors. Saying jealous remarks, suggesting I’m bossy, or being irritated are things real friends don’t do. But to go as far as breaking down something successful that obvious and plain to see is a bit too far.

So instead of fighting fire with fire, I will remain silent. I don’t have time to be petty. But I do encourage you to NOT WORK WITH FRIENDS, especially if you’re like me and mean business.



I want to thank you for reading and visiting my website. I will not be blogging for the rest of June because I still have a lot going on-more so with family events. After Independence Day, I will blog again and will have another preview available.

Take care!

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