What’s Next?


Amidst the glamour and excitement of Comic Con, there was one undeniable factor that registered as my troop scanned and surveyed Artist Valley.

Not only did we see just one black person with his own booth…there was legitimate crap allowed in the event that I can openly be angry about. I never received another email after being told there was a waiting list and that they would email you upon availability. And noting how diversity was clearly not the goal, I believe registering again is in order.

You cannot hold an event and only include one person of another race. Perhaps there were more that we missed, and largely, it is disappointing knowing it’s highly possibly I wasn’t chosen even though I’m published and I’ve made a name for myself.

There are other things one has to discover for themselves. One is how to properly run a company. The other is knowing far too well why no one has bothered telling you how to do so. It is simply to keep unwanted individuals out of what seems to be a secret society.

And it just may exist.

So, instead of being bitter…I will continue doing what I do. I am glad I have seen up close and personal how you’re treated when you work hard.

On the plus side, I got to see a lot of original work. This made my day yesterday. From Cyber Punk to Epic Fantasy…authors and artists alike were quite astounding to see. There was a lot of fan art, which I am not a big fan of. Most impressive was an indie animator we came across who not only developed original ideas, the company also created games.

I am not taken back from what occurred, and will gladly purchases badges again if I don’t get a booth…but I will.


What To Expect-

I will be editing and illustrating soon. And that is the end of it. Short blog, so I do apologize. But I would like to focus and get things done. I have almost two months before the release date, and that is plenty of time.

I want you all to enjoy your summer days while I am away.

And I want to thank all who take the time to read and follow the blog here on the website.

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