What’s To Be Said


What a day, what a life.
I’m not that type.
I feel as if I’ve been drinking…whiskey tonight.
Hearing them call and ask for me,
I am not satisfied.
But I saw you look her in her eyes.
So what’s the deal, are you two
A thing tonight?
I’m stuck with you and know you’ve done this all your life.
I’d rather drown out my sorrows.
But she said they can swim.
So I induldge in the sin…

Who you were when I met you.
Changed it up to be untrue
Now you know how I play ball.
I’d rather lose you.
Than give my all

Little lies like this creep past the walls.
We both know I’m a toy.
And as I watch you pretend I don’t exist.
I’m paralyzed within the sin

I hate you.
I love you.
I wish you harm.
But want the best for you.

Graphic Novelist JCS

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