It Isn’t Okay. And It Never Has Been



This world is beyond gone. In fact, it is at the point of no return.
Recently, the unthinkable happened. My fiancé’s mother disappeared. Vanished into thin air. When she was found, she was barely alive and her ex husband lay dead in the vicinity of the crime scene.
Today, we still don’t know what happened. And as we struggle with the possiblity of losing her, her ex husband’s family has harassed us, threatened our lives, and began rumors. Since the detectives have to yet to confirm what actually happened, all we have is what we think.
That is the biggest issue with this world. It is always what we think, not what we know. We want to feel important, regardless of it being true. We want to be heard, even if it’s complete utter bullshit.
But we don’t want anyone else treating us as such. Funny, isn’t it?
I could careless who will take this in. What I do care about are those who do. See my point? I am fully aware there are idiots with filters up. But there are those so open, the winds of this world have ripped at them until they are raw.
I want people who want to love no matter what. Who aren’t afraid of fear and those who realize that fear is a mechanism of control. I want those who realize no one is perfect. Those who work so hard, they don’t sleep.
And those who understand that reality should never be a choice.
I will be away temporarily due to this. I have a few comics I will be posting, mostly my fiancé’s ideas, and this is good-happy mood. He is trying his best in this hard time.
My Facebook page will remain deactivated until further notice.
Mwost of all, the world is full of horrible people.
But life is beautiful.

Graphic Novelist JCS

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