The Exception


Everyone believes they know best. In fact, everyone is a little too sure of themselves. There is no manual on life (and the bible doesn’t count.) There also isn’t a way to do things, at least in my eyes. You’ll get popular opinion, not the right way. That doesn’t mean their way works for you, or your way works for them.
The truth is, since there is no sure fire way to do anything, there is no room for anyone’s opinion. Yes, I’ve said it. You and I are not allowed to interject, unless we are directly affected by someone’s decision. This isn’t because you’ll get your feeling hurt hearing how stupid your plans are….what someone else is doing should never be so important that you have to take time from your imperfect life to tear it down. It doesn’t make any sense to waste your time doing this because everything can be done differently, and with effort, efficiently.
There are too many people on this planet for your opinion to be the best of all. And in the case you are viewing something really stupid occuring, the best remark is silence. Am I telling you to let someone drown in a river. No and yes. No, because, if you have morals…you’ll jump in and save them, no sweat. Yes, you should let them drown…because why on earth was this person by a river and how did they get swept in?
So, what if it’s a small child? No brainer. Dare we ask their parents? Heavens no, leave that to the throngs of investigators. And once you return to your humble abode and go over the day, there isn’t a need to gossip or brag about it, because it could have been you.
Since various options of circumstances are actually available to you, you should be cautious of what comees out of your mouth. Americans in particular, are a little too comfortable letting everyone know how they feel, and why you should do it (and why you’re stupid for not doing so or thinking how they think)
I left a comment on a clothing brand store I shop at, thinking the little advice I gave would help. It was truthful and not opinionated, because the instructions for the garmet suggested so. The problem was, it was my experience, whether the instructions stated so. This was the scary part. People were telling me it was my experience…when every garmet of this type has very specific instructions on it. In reality, ignorance would destroy the garmet, but I had people telling me otherwise.
Thee condition of their garmets has yet to be seen. That was brought to my attention when the first idiot answered me. Then someone else suggested that if giving advice came to being attacked, being quiet is best. There is a thin line between advice and opinion. Opinions are usually meant to dismantle your current idea. Advice is there floating above your head for your to mull over. Same thing with a suggestion, as we will call my advice.
Instead of starting an arguement on the Facebook thread, I deleted my comment and faced facts.
Even if I had jumped into the river to save a drowning person, I wouldn’t be thanked in the end.

Graphic Novelist JCS

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