Snakes Show When You Cut the Grass


Funny thing about famous, people still think you’re stupid.
Dear Completely Oblivious To Your Insanity,
When I first met you, you were pretty cool. Up until you tried to get money from me and kick your husband out of his own home. I never knew the reason behind the drama, but decided it was best to leave you two to your drama. I left a note in your mail box, and hoped you would understand.
A few days later, you kept coping an attitude towards me. Rolling eyes, acting like I wasn’t there. Funny because your children said hi, and so did your husband. I smiled to myself that day, as I was doing laundry. Did you know you came upstairs to the laundry room like you were going to fight me? That must have been embarrassing, knowing I meant no harm, even though I wasn’t in the wrong.
Then you needed a babysitter. You kept coming down to my house…trying to talk to me knowing you messed up. You even brought your mother down to meet my mother, knowing I would have to speak to you.
So I forgave you, and babysat your kids. Your daughter was difficult, but she was sweet and I knew what to do with her. Your son was easy to handle, he played video games and they both listened well. I felt your children were spoiled, but in a good way. You know, how you said they were spoiled?
I was never rude to your kids. I never hurt them, never tried to be mean. Never teased them, always went out of my way.
Then one day, you rushed me to babysit, only to pick up a coworker to come back and smoke weed. Then you complimented me on your way out, because you knew you were wrong.
I kept you on a long stick because I cared about your kids, and you tried to be a better person towards me. But you offered me $80 a week and only paid me $30. You paid me an extra $200 but that never made up for the fact that you didn’t pay me the full pay you offered.
Then you called me claiming I was mean to a child who was bullying my son. I told you what happened. Then I withdrew my services. You called back about a month later, hoping I would babysit again and apologized because you knew you were wrong.
I finally stopped babysitting for you because you didn’t pay me well, you accused me of a couple of things…and I was supposed to be totally okay with that.
You aren’t a horrible person, but you are. You put your wants before my needs. You lied to me, and treated me like I was the bad guy.
I had a dream about snakes, as did my son. Snakes show when you’re famous. Snakes show when you do well. Snakes show when you’re happy.
It’s sad to hear you are one of those snakes. Even though I kept my distance.
You went on Facebook and threatned to beat up a pregnant woman…for your actions.
Shame on you.
But! You’re crazy, so I’m pretty sure this went right over your head!

Did I insult this person? No. Did I call her out of her name? No. But I’m also not about to let her get away with thinking it’s okay for the way I was treated for 5 years.
So now that the truth is out, what’s a girl to do?
Act like she doesn’t exist!

Here’s the other issues I faced this year.

I asked three people to come to Comic Con, and all three did not approach me like they took me seriously. One lied, the other took me for granted, and the last person exaggerated. I had another who wasn’t associated with Comic Con bold face lie to me, then pretended like she didn’t. I’m almost sure whenever she sees me, she goes home and talks about me because we live in the same apartment complex.

With that being said, one has to wonder what the hell is wrong with everyone! No, I do not hurt people I care about or call my friend. No, I keep deadlines, and cancel for legitimate reasons. No, I am not lazy and I bust my ass on a daily basis for my family.

It’s time I surround myself with the same kind of people. Because these other women aren’t worth my time.

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