What Are You Willing To Accept, Blog #1, Plus Size Movement


I used to support the “Plus Size is Equal” movement, until I thought about it. Long and hard, too. Unfortunately, my husband received my frustration, but ultimately told me I ought to just express how I feel.
I am plus size. I am six foot tall, and I wear a 42DD. I have the hips and buns to match! I have three children with one on the way. But I have never been told I was too big, or unattractive because I was “big.”
This begins my rant!
Firstly, what are you willing to accept? Are you accepting that this country let 10,000 refugees from the Syrian refugee crisis cross our border, despite a certain presidential candidate being openly opposed to it? Are you accepting that I am African American and I’m a Fantasy and Science Fiction author?
Most probably wouldn’t be.
So let’s state some facts before we actually begin my rant.
A study done around 2014 suggested people who always had to take new photos of themselves had self esteem issues and were suffering from Narcissism. If this isn’t a problem, I’m assuming you don’t see the harm in taking a million pictures weekly.
Here’s how this ties into plus size women demanding respect. It isn’t just about respect. Let’s be realistic, people. No one respects anyone, especially in America. This is basically telling people if I’m obese and I take pictures, don’t say mean things to me. If you put yourself out there, you should expect someone to say something.
It is not important to be seen. It isn’t a necessity. You’re making something that doesn’t matter…matter. You’ve given life to everyone’s insecurities.
What really needs to be done and said…is that you focus on what is actually hurting you. You’re taking the average American’s comments about your body type to heart, when there’s something deeper and darker going on.
You don’t want to address it or fix it, so you’re blaming people’s opinions. People have the right to be disgusting if you want to post photos of yourself for attention. People should also watch what they say, and that needs to be addressed as well.
Most REAL MEN will not look at a bigger or smaller women and make a difference. They will love them unconditionally, no matter what! But if you don’t find that, you need to find a way to love yourself.
All this plus size crap is really just setting the stage to attempt to compete towards what people feel is the perfect woman. Did you know the image of the perfect woman literally changes every decade? And has done so since the beginning of time, I’m sure.
So let’s not blame the men, or the American public anymore. It’s women. It always has been, it always will be. Women need to stop tearing other women apart because they’re insecure. Women need to except the fact that they’re fat because they eat the wrong things…too often. Women need to realize that not every woman is going to born with a killer body. Women also need to stop comparing themselves to each other. It doesn’t matter. We all take shits, and it all smells horrible.
You are brash to think people should be accepting of your looks. If you had any sense, you’d know looks are not important. If they were, looks would run our government. Thankfully, they don’t!
Let’s focus on what’s important. If it isn’t too hard.

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