I normally don’t like taking involuntary breaks. But this is a reason I cannot ignore.

Wednesday, September 21st, 2016…my father passed away. We had a very shaky relationship, and I hadn’t spoke with him since I was 14. Growing up, my father molested me. And he was pretty much a horrible person.

Well, I was surprised to find out that he left me and my brother as beneficiaries. So, despite all of that…he’s apologizing. Fortunately for my own soul’s sake, I forgave him a long time ago. So I don’t view this as being paid off.

But, since this has happened and he is my father-drama is coming my way. So I won’t be on for about a month. Perhaps even longer. I do apologize for my absence. While I’m gone, I’m still going to edit Bleeding Stars and Paper Hearts: Romance of the Synthies. I am unsure of a release date.

Once everything is said and done, we’ll be moving. I’m also eleven weeks pregnant just about, so that complicates things. To insure I continue having a healthy pregnancy, I am setting a few things aside.

I am hoping I will return around December. It just seems that’s the way it will be.

I do want to point out that I was featured on a well known author’s website! I’ll post the link below for you all to read.

Take care for now!


Author Feature: J.C.S


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