Grand Has Arrived

Remember that little vacation I had to take? It did me some good.

    My father recently passed away, and because my brother and I were beneficiaries, this of course followed with conflict. Despite my upbringing and abuse, he managed to see he was a damaged person, and said sorry in the end.

    It affected my relationship with my mother, which was already pretty strained. And two older cousins of mine are after my money.

    But this didn’t stop me from getting back and getting started again.

    First and foremost, Byond Epic Entertainment is on it’s way to be an entity instead of just a name. On top of this, J.C.S. has not only become a sole proprietor….we are experiencing a huge influx of likes via Facebook!

    I am a step closer to my dream-creating my own publishing/entertainment company instead of waiting for someone to notice me. I have big plans for Byond Epic but I would prefer to reveal more once the paperwork has been finalized.

    I have more odd but good news. I have added Bleeding Stars and Paper Hearts back onto Amazon in a digital format. After a about three to six months, I will add the second book. Then finally, the third. As angry as I was, it is almost the only way to sell properly. 

    As we wrap up this short morning log, I will gladly post a link where the book can be purchased

    Believe it or not, but I am undecided about the presidential race and will not be voting. I don’t think either candidate deserves to be called the president and would prefer this be over soon. On that note, my entire family is moving to Ontario, Cananda next year. Colorado did the stupid thing of legalizing marijuana, which brought the crazy people who smoke it. And those crazy people just so happen to bring rats with. I am 29 years old and from Colorado and I have never seen a rat until 2014.

    So we’re leaving! Is Canada somehow better? Yes, in many ways.

    So, as you can see…we have a lot going on. But now that I’ve grown up a little…we can continue with progress.
Here’s where you can find Bleeding Stars and Paper Hearts, Adrianna is Mine
    BSPH Adrianna is Mine

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