The Inevitable 


    I am an African American woman who has self published five books, written 6, almost 7…and will be running a small entertainment business soon. I illustrate for my books, have been drawing for 23 years, and writing for 21. Everything you see, I have done myself.

    I owe nothing to anyone. I am finding I will soon run out of friends. People change when things get good for you. They pretend as if they should be in your position when they haven’t done any work themselves. Some feel that criticizing makes things better for them, but at the end of the day…It’s your work. Your success. Your business.

    I’ve cut off more people than I’ve become friends with. Some I’ve had to completely block, while others I’ve simply put on the back burner. At the same time, I’ve made sure to safeguard my own emotions so I can continue writing, illustrating and promoting.

    When you change, so do people, especially when you grow. When you don’t change, people are the same. If you are progressing, don’t be paranoid about snakes in the grass. Just prepare yourself for some that are easier to get rid of, as others are invisible to the point…that you may get bit a few times.

    I will continue to press on, but please know…

    I never really liked entourages anyway!

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