The World Isn’t Over


    Are you afraid of who the new president is? You shouldn’t be. Anyone who’s been a president in this day an age just held the title and put up wth everyone’s crap. Presidents work with others to make things happen. So if someone truly meant to kill you, he’d have to have it approved.

    With that being said, regardless of who is taking office, continue treating each other with decency. Don’t make an ass of yourself because you’re unhappy. Stop blaming your personal issues on the government. For example…if you smoke and buy jordans all the time…but you don’t have your own place and can’t take care of your kids…this isn’t a politician’s fault. It’s yours. No matter what’s going on, always strive to work your ass off. No one will take you seriously if you don’t.

    Honestly, how the country is run and how you live are two different deals. A lot of what the government does is to actually keep you safe. So if you go out and do drugs until you’re homeless and on the street, that is not their fault. Attempting to uncover conspiracies and theories on what they’re actually doing what change your life either.

    Only you can change your life.

    I am not a supporter of either candidate. I didn’t feel either was fit, but I also know I’ll be use fine. The world hasn’t ended. And besides that, America was already going to crap before this happened.

    So…work hard. Pay your bills, keep good priorities, raise your children right. And treat people with decency. Please.

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