No Need to Be Jealous


 This I have to say. It needs to be heard loud and clear so you all understand.

 I have cut off more friends than gained in the last four years. Some exits were dramatic, while others were silent. And that’s okay…no sweat off of my back.

 What I cannot stand are people who are jealous, even a little jealous. You should truly be ashamed of yourself. It was all of this…what I deserve and how good of a person I am. And when the good things actually happened…you can’t handle it. My favorite thing I rant about are the females I cut off…how we’re the same age and you’re still partying and doing everything that goes into it…but you don’t think you’re pretty unless you’re around me. And you don’t value or respect anyone…or yourself for that matter.

 But…I’m the bad guy.

 We’re all near 30 and you still dress and act like you’re your 18. You’ve had 12 years to grow up. You can’t complain about job opportunities wearing $175 pair of fake leather shoes. The man who created the shoes you spend rent money on…dresses nicer than us all. Your priorities aren’t even close to being correct.

 But someone you know has goals and doesn’t want to take your crap anymore so suddenly she’s a bitch.

 You have a lot of nerve. Truly.

 At the same time, I have decided you don’t matter. I don’t want any part of your negativity…which is the entire reason we’re not friends. I outgrew you. Oh well.

 What you can do is do right. By your kids and other people. You’re only 30…but government assistance is for people who really need help, not lazy people who just don’t work…

 You want respect and to eat at that “table”, but you don’t act respectful.

 And me…don’t mind me. I’m doing my thing. It took ME four years to get here. ME not you.

 This also doesn’t mean you’re going to be rich. No. Being just and fair and loving…greatest things to be. Most of all…be wise.



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