How Do You View Your Dreams?


 It has been brought to my attention that not all dreams come true. But I am about to probably hurt a few feelings…negative people don’t get far. I can sense a negative person across the world, even. I posted a wonderful meme, inspired by Pablo Picasso. “Everything you can imagine is real.” Let’s mull over this, because it isn’t necessarily stating a happy ending…either.

 If you think and truly the believe the world is a horrible place, it probably is…in your eyes. If you think and believe the world is an amazing place…it probably is…in your eyes. The world is both…and so much more. But your perception of the world and people actually alters your reality…thusly altering your life. This is the only time your mental situation makes a difference.

 It sounds like I’m telling you fairy tells come true. And I am. Take me for example. I published in 2012 with thousands of authors I associated with on Facebook. During that time, the couple thousand that published dwindled down to eight hundred who made pages and began doing like for like events. In my situation, I only came across the numbers I’m telling you now. A little after that, I was ostracized…so I began my own journey.

 I’m a black woman who writes sci-fi and fantasy…in America. The reception in my own country was horrible, but when I went abroad, things changed.

 So the girl who dreamed of being known even in America is now known world wide. I design for Vida, as well as illustrate. I have written six books and will be re-releasing my second series (first.) I’m 29 years old and I have a lot ahead of me.

 So…will you be negative or positive?

 Now let’s not get confused. I fell down, a lot. Most people would have quit, given some of the crap I went through. But I never stopped busting my ass. And I won’t stop, because once I do, everything I’ve done will end.

 What really needs to be said is you decide your fate in most situations. And you have more power than you think.

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