Ways to End Your Year


 We are back to business today. But first, I want to take some time to thank those who took the opportunity to download Bleeding Stars and Paper Hearts-Adrianna is Mine. It was free from November 21st to the 25th, and we shot up in rank on Amazon for the free book promo! We ended the promotion at 33,000 for free kindle books, 328 for Sci-fi and 344 for Myths and Folktales.

 With that being said, I will be doing another book promotion soon. Hoping for the best.

 Have you been on my Facebook page? We are 41,700 strong! How did this come about? Best way it can be said….when you’ve got it…you’ve got it! Huge thank you to all those who’ve liked the page.

 Since my page campaign was successful, I have an ongoing giveaway still rolling. It ends December 23rd and the winner will be announced on Christmas Eve. I will post the link at the end of this entry so you have the opportunity to enter. The winner will receive Bleeding Stars and Paper Hearts- Adrianna is Mine, a signed print…and a signed shirt. I will ship worldwide, which is even more exciting.

 This also brings me to my next point…the question those ask when doing the indie author deal.

 It is a complicated procession, and it is never ending. You actually have to invest into yourself, mentally and financially. Just because you publish a book and you have a Facebook page…does not insure fame at any caliber. Period. You will be disappointed when it doesn’t go the way you dreamed of, so find a new way! Stop relying upon others who are stuck. You’ll only stay in one place the entire time, expectant of what should be when all you’ve done is written a book.

 Put your heart and soul into it. Never give up, and stop believing success is given to those who gave it a shot. Success is given to those who were shot down….out of the sky…and they kept pushing.

 I hope that all makes sense. It made sense to me…look where I’m at.

 Food for thought.

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