For some reason I woke up excited. I was actually excited last night, but I couldn’t pinpoint why.

 I have to admit, my campaign went well and my free book promotion went well too. But why do I seem to be uncontrollably happy? Given the current circumstances I’ve been through, especially the last half of the year…and the fact that I’m pregnant would suggest I’m having a moment.

 Or maybe I’ve towed through it all, like a big girl should.

 I’ve been able to play around with promoting and have found that the less I spend will actually go for me, not against me. Now, when I sneeze…everyone notices (just about) and I have a pretty good idea of what I’m doing.

 During the month of November, I purchased the rights to J.C.S. and Byond Epic Entertainment! I have three months to wait to know any good or bad news. But I did it. I stepped out into the unknown, and so far I’m still in one piece.

 Since I’ve let a few people from networking go, I was concerned about running a giveaway by myself. But low and behold, I have several entries so far and a little over three weeks left before the giveaway ends. When I talk now, I know how to make people listen. I know what to say and what not to say…but that’s something that will still take time. I’ve also learned to be a little more patient. Just a little.

 I’m lessening my paid promotions and going back to how I started. This may be the cause of my excitement. Because that’s how I got started and it worked. Really well.

 My point is…find the light in everything. Whether you’re doing well or poorly. Find a reason to smile.

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