How I Feel About How You Feel

 It is the first of the year. I hope you all enjoyed your New Years celebration. This blog is going to fondly address certain issues I have come across and what I plan on doing with them.

 First and foremost, if there is anything on my Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter and website you don’t approve of…leave.

 Also keep in mind that as much as it will not be tolerated…I will also not entertain it. I post pictures of my material items….ever so often. In fact, I usually don’t like to because that isn’t the message I’m trying to send. Please note that if you have to tell me I’m showing off, or say anything negative instead of being happy for someone who has struggled…you’re jealous. Doesn’t mean you’re a piece of shit (how ever it could) it means you clearly know nothing about me.

 I grew up poor. I was sexually abused as a child. I’ve been raped, used, lied to….you name it. So I can post a picture of my new shoes or my new purse if I feel like it. I earned them. Fuck you and your feelings and how you feel if you can’t be happy for someone else. Just being realistic. It isn’t my fault your life is shit.

 I would never post something negative or say something negative about someone who’s clearly happy about something. If you were paying attention, you would have known better.

 So instead of lashing out on my social media outlets and sticking it to you…I’ve decided that since I already know what the deal is….the least I can do is be honest and leave it at that. But, I refuse to go back and forth or make up excuses because you’re unhappy.

 If you haven’t heard anyone tell you that…you’re talking with the wrong people. I worked far too hard to listen to someone tell me I’m being a show off. But it is apart of human nature to be jealous. I must not be human…I don’t like that feeling of jealousy.

 I would love to go down a list of the dos and donts on my social outlets, but it’s pointless because the majority of grown individuals are giant children. So when a comment is posted, or a fight breaks out amongst my fans…it will be dealt with promptly and swiftly. Let’s not go into detail about what I’ll do to handle the situations that will unfold, but I will not leave you room to breathe.

 There’s a decay of the mind in this world. Everyone wants what everyone else has without doing any work. We want money, big house, bad bitches, big dicks, perfect hair, and to get away with crimes we commit. On the other hand…through all of our fleshy desires…we don’t want anyone else achieving any form of happiness because some how it keeps us from getting what we want. Which is retarded. If you focus all of your time on why he has it and you don’t…you’ll never have it. Or you have it and aren’t realizing how blessed you really are.

 There were times I didn’t know what I was going to eat. I was sleeping on the floor and penny pinching to make it to work and dress and feed my family. But I never looked at someone else and tried snatching away their happiness. I kept my head up and tried to fix my situation. It took a while, but I finally landed on my feet. I look around and I see why people are so quick to call others haters. See, I didn’t see it before. I thought it was terminology meant when words couldn’t express.

 At the same time, keep in mind that where you have it…someone else may die without it. Someone went their entire life struggling and trying to smile and died with nothing. But are those people really horrible? Should I turn the other cheek when I see someone suffering? No, and I should keep in mind that I was them….and could easily go back to that again.

 There are entirely too many people on this planet for an idiot to be worried about the next idiot. But this entire thing I speak of takes thought, and everyone has lost complete control of the cerebral cortex. The hormones and chemicals meant to be in place for common sense and respect have all but dwindled away and have been blown up and out by the wind. No one is safe.

 So to all of this, I say. Do or say what you please. But it’s your soul at stake, not mine.

 Get your shit together before someone tries to do it for you.

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