No Such Thing


Did you have any New Years resolutions you are trying to conquer? I had none at all. I was consumed by the things unfolding around me. But, I also felt I was in a good place.

 I learned something after my premie was born. I control nothing. Except my business and work. I don’t even control my kids. I’m what you call a worrier. I worry about everything. You name it, I’m concerned. This time around, my worrying got me nowhere. Instead of freaking out, I realized no matter the outcome…my duty as a mother was just that.

 This wasn’t my New Years resolution. But, it will take me far in life. You see, women have a reputation for worrying, stressing…especially over stupid things (like other women). I’m in a place in my life where no one matters but my family. I single handily made myself a celebrity. I’ve written books, done artwork, applied my illustrations to clothing and self promoted. I am on the brink of stabilizing my very own entertainment company…and I have four children. (And I’m married!!!) What do I look like concerning myself with you?

 I’m a firm believer that this particular issue isn’t hard. People depend on how others are doing…and sadly when others are failing…humans take that as a sign that they’re better. I don’t care what you’re doing. It doesn’t matter to me because I’m not living your life. The moment I allow someone else’s life to matter to me…I’m concentrating half as much on what’s really important. Me and my family.

 Do not compare or compete. Success is gained differently for others. I’ve witnessed this myself.

 At the same time…it if is ever easy…then it isn’t worth it.

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