New Additions to Byond Epic Entertainment


 I have some very exciting news for you all!

 In the very near future, Byond Epic Entertainment will be offering animated webisodes done by yours truly! It wouldn’t be an entertainment company without it in my eyes. As of right now, it is still a one woman band. If it stays that way…oh well! It’s an exciting opportunity for me.

 Can I add this to my resume? You bet!

 This is another huge milestone for me because it was something I desired to do. It is important to the company, especially given the fact that I write and breathe Sci fi and Fantasy. I like other articles in these genres but it’s perfectly okay to have something new by someone no one knows.

 Now that I have your attention (I mean…really) I literally have to disappear to work. I’m only saying so because I’d prefer to illustrate, animate and write than take pictures. It’s been fun! But you know what I look like.

 This is one of the first newest additions to the website, and there are more on the way. My focus for this year is hard work and dedication. I’ve had so much happen, that I just want to work.


A Few Things-

 Supposedly, visiting my website breaks your phone! I’ve been told there is a malware virus present on my website. If you click a link on my website…that’s your own fault. I will work to remove the links, but that isn’t my fault. Also considering how often I visit my own website…and nothing happens!!!

 Even while on my Facebook page, anyone can become a victim. People are always looking for the unprepared. Your passwords should be strong…and most people know that clicking links leads to viruses.

 I do want to thank my fans for not disrespecting each other. It is a common thing I see on various pages I like myself…but we are just grazing the tip of the iceberg. Hardly anyone posts spam (not that it’s allowed). It’s a blessing personally, and here’s another reason why.

 Not only am I international…not one person has mentioned my race. No one has asked why is this “black” woman doing this? Who does she think she is? And so on. They just like me and my work. That’s all I need. Am I saying Americans are childish? Yes, because they are. I would prefer to keep doing all that I do overseas, where the color of my skin doesn’t matter.
(As much…)

 I have another surprise coming up very soon. I’m not one for surprises…but this one is fairly awesome, I have to say.

 There are going to be a few things moved around on the website, as well as some much needed edits. I’m asking that you are patient as I go through the process.


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