A Nice Little Reminder 


 My entire family is transitioning. My older children, my husband…even my one year old and new born. Often, others assume no one else is going through anything. I can’t imagine why we think this. It is a huge reason why people are so selfish. Everyone has something going on. Bad or good. In my mind…one is isn’t worse than the other. Drama strings our hearts out, and often times people find it tearing their minds apart.

 You have to find the in between with this. There’s good, there’s bad…where does that put you? At the bar running up a tab? Drugs? Cheating on your spouse? Abusing those who love you?

 OR…recognizing the pain and understanding that having a good day is just how it is. In the short three weeks my son has in been in ICU…I’ve learned that he’s going to have really good days…and then days where he doesn’t do so well. Everything going on with our family is literally out of our control. But…I want my kids (and my husband especially) to focus on the norm, so to speak. Go to school, go to work…and breathe.

 This is how you should view the world. Don’t let fear keep you inside. Don’t let other people determine how you dress or look. Never allow what’s going on outside to change your mind about anything. However, recognize there are other people living on the planet. Think to yourself…”I couldn’t be the only one going through this.” Realize that person standing in line in front of your may have lost a loved one.

 The person who cut your off may be going in and out of rehab. He or she also may have a child on the way and they are confused and angry. Most of all…there isn’t a right or wrong way to do anything. I don’t do religion and I know no matter how many ceremonies you do…it doesn’t make mind control okay…

 And take it day by day. You can plan for the future all you want. But the wind will still blow and the rain will still fall. The sun will still shine, and the planets will orbit around it without your consent.

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