One Woman Wonder


 I don’t do competition. This is part of the reason I don’t have a lot of FEMALE friends. I have been known to break up with people when they begin competing with me. There isn’t a point in doing it.

 A really good reason is because EVERYONE has dirt. So while you’re busy trying to show someone up…you may also want to guard your darkest secrets. So it means it isn’t wise to care about what someone else is doing…because you have your own life-your own problems.

 I don’t think this is something that’s easier said than done. It’s a matter of common sense. And that’s why people say it isn’t so common. Women don’t realize the minute they begin wishing they looked like someone or begin wishing they had something someone else has…they’re selling their soul. There is nothing of material gain on this planet that is that important. Things…items…stuff we buy isn’t typically built to last a lifetime…and unless you have the funds to keep it up…don’t bother.

 This was the discussion in my house over the weekend. I love leather goods. The really good thing about buying leather is that you can probably outlive most of the things you purchase—with the exception of leather. My goal has been achieved-I don’t have to worry about purchasing shoes or purses, etc., most in particular because I have four children. During my quest…I learned a lot about how you should go about buying things.

 If you are purchasing leather goods…GUESS WHAT! You only need a little bit. It is a hard thing to live by. I went years changing my wardrobe because I couldn’t settle in that thought. One day it just all made sense. If it’s built to last…why do I need more than 12 pairs of shoes?

 I can guarantee a select few will only be able to answer that…but as a woman who likes to dress up all the time…12 is enough. I have what I need. To someone who hasn’t come around to simplifying their life…12 is nothing. But when you buy cheaply made shoes that cost over $100…and they only last a season…12 is nothing.

 As I went along this journey, I often shared my views on it…thinking because it made sense to me…it would make sense to other people. No. Of course not. In fact, I got the same response from quite a few women. The raising of the eyebrow and the breakdown of the conversation – “Oh honey…I can’t live on just 12 pairs of shoes.”

 Now when I want something…no matter how cute it is…if it isn’t leather, suede, cotton linen…and so on…I don’t want it. It seems crazy to say to yourself in the store…”Ugh…it isn’t real!” But truthfully. My mind is geared towards things that last.

 My point is, you have to be happy with what you have. Truly. Make the best of everything because unless it has saved your life or taught you a valuable lesson…it isn’t that serious.

 Also…for those who keep cutting corners and trying to figure out why nothing works for them…when something is of great quality and you can’t afford it, so what. But jealousy is an ugly color on anyone. There are people who have way more experience at certain things where as you just kind of do it. And even if you turned it into a profession…quality and time are some of the best attributes you can have as a human being.


 I have come to the sturdy realization that this will be stay a one woman operation. After trying to round people help to help me for Comic Con last year, and having every single person fail me except for my 67 year old aunt…I have to do all of this on my own.

 I said it. I’ve learned my lesson. There isn’t a point in even trying. One of the biggest issues is accommodating stupidity. You spend all this time trying to make everything right and it doesn’t even matter because people don’t know what commitment means. So everyone wanted to go to Comic Con, but no one wanted to come to parties or lunches PAID BY ME. So fuck the bullshit, and pretty much fuck every person that stood me up.

 I was told I’m far too fabulous to have a room full of people to have a party. Besides, that’s more champagne for me!

 All jokes aside, working alone has proven I can concentrate better. Just know that when someone needed something from me, or needs it…I always deliver. If I cannot, I express why I can’t way ahead of time. (There’s goes that common sense thing again)

 Doing something partially doesn’t count either. It’s why a lot of people are stuck, including myself. However, I always go back and finish. That is a lacking trait in my generation.

 Hire animators? Nonsense. They’d had to have read all of my books to even get close to seeing the vision. I’ve already tried hiring artist…when I can illustrate myself. And I’ve had enough people tell me they had a book they were thinking about writing.

 If you hadn’t noticed…I finish things. So hearing that makes me cringe!

 Byond Epic Entertainment is my company, so I’ll create and operate it. I’m not interested in letting anyone else in on my dream anyway. People love taking credit for what you do!

 I do have two re-releases occurring between the end of January an the beginning of February. Once those books are put back onto the market, I will inform you all about it!

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