End of the Month Update


 I have a plan.

 I have to because I have so much going on.

 For the month of February, I will be drawing up storyboards for Bleeding Stars and Paper Hearts-Adrianna is Mine. I am estimating that the entire process from start to finish will take me about a year. I will not reveal any of the episodes until I am close to done.

 I have a surprise I’m setting to release later on this year.

 You can expect books and art work to remain coming out in the typical volume they were before. I do have two re-releases I had planned on setting out this month, but due to the health of my own mother…they have to wait.

 I missed a week of blogs because I’ve been tired.. But hey…life happens, right?

 We believed our family was being watched for a while and it doesn’t help that I am in the spotlight. Recently, someone was waiting until the sun set and began shooting pellets at our front window. Of course, after we called the authorities and allowed them to realize we knew what was going on, it stopped.

 As sure as day, we also found that the person doing this stole our $10 Christmas wreath. Shout out to the idiot who thought he ruined Christmas…I had a complete previa and gave birth to a miracle baby.

 I have found that marketing over seas fairs better. So I will continue marketing overseas since Americans have their heads up their asses. I am grateful for the fans I have. They are sweet, responsive and supportive. Hats off to you guys.

 This isn’t to say others that aren’t American are better people but it seems that way when you’re looking for support and ways to show your work. It is saddening that things in my own country could get worse. But I am always hoping for the best.


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