You should be careful with your intentions towards others. Once the universe realizes you’re capable of great evil or good…you will be judged on the basis of your actions.

 Today, I witnessed someone being mean to me just because I was walking my kids to school. We “got in her way.” She rolled her eyes and made it seem that moving aside so we could pass was too much to ask of her. I ignored it—what do I look like asking what her issue is?

 I am a firm believer in karma. I also believe you choose your own battles unknowingly at times. One thing important here…never disrespect someone you don’t know.

 Unfortunately it is icy today. Someone hit her as she crossed the street enough to injure her OR she fell. She had on heeled boots. Did I witness this? No…but I saw her sitting in the middle of the street in a lot of pain. Several people were surrounding her waiting for an ambulance. She didn’t see me as I came back around to return home, but I know for a fact she didn’t take that in as she should have.

 I don’t have to give anyone a speech. One because they won’t listen. And two because the universe handles idiots all on its on. It seems as though the universe has been slacking but there are a lot of idiots and I assure you—everyone suffers from their own actions. What you can do as an individual is RESPECT that this occurs and try to do better to yourself rather than others. It sounds selfish…but self love extends beyond your reach.

 I was shocked and saddened that this happened to her. As I said, I was minding my own business taking my children to school.

 A lot of people’s lives are spiraling out of control because they live in a constant cycle. They do bad and receive bad in return. They blame everyone else except themselves and they think the world is against them. There was a time that lessons learned helped those who learned them. Well…supposedly. I think a small percentage learn while the rest waste away.

 We all make stupid mistakes. There’s a even larger percentage that believe they can do no wrong and thusly are judgmental. Those people are lost and are hard to save. If you find yourself having to look for new solutions or you wonder if you should be perfect…you are not alone. All the world’s a show…and we…the actors.

 Don’t rely so heavily on what others are doing. I catch mistakes all the time from others but we’re all human…are we not?

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