Five Year Anniversary 


 Today is the fifth anniversary of the beginning of everything you see now. I began writing The Anguished Immortals Trilogy on February 16th, 2012. I currently have two series under my belt, which includes six books, and one longer novel in the making (Erin Bailey Is A Time Lord).

 Near the end of this year, I will share some of my earlier pieces of artwork done on my first Apple device. I will also share with you when Byond Epic Entertainment began. It is all very exciting.

 As much as we wish we could predict the future, it is impossible almost. Mostly because even if we get a glimpse…what we do changes the course. I originally set out looking for the best options when it came to publishing and ended up on a writing website formerly known as Authonomy. There, you had to gain enough support from other authors to make it to the Editors desk, in which case if you weren’t writing Romance…you didn’t have a chance (or Erotica).

 Instead of giving up, I chose to self publish. This gave me the opportunity to be in way more control. So after self publishing, I set up a website and began harassing Twitter to drive in traffic. I came across a lot of obstacles though, and if you’ve been with me since the beginning, you know what I speak of.

 First, I had several people ostracize me because of my genre choice and race. I had someone who should have been my friend in a competition with me that I was unwillingly participating in. After that, someone who was posing as a book reviewer tore my book to shreds, and I don’t believe she read the entire novel.

 So I kept to myself, and I worked my butt off. Only to run into an abusive relationship with someone to this day suggests he was the victim. After leaving him, I began working again, publishing my fourth novel and finishing my artwork on a bigger scale.

 The year was 2014, and I was still hurt by the things I went through. Then I ran into the love of my life, my husband and father of my two younger children. I had never experienced such happiness. I mean truly, he is the total package. Not only was he immensely excited about my very young writing career…he was willing to read and support my work.

 Of course, by the time we were comfortable and in love, I was pregnant! I did what I could because I was very tired. But it wasn’t close to what I had been doing before.

 Eventually, I got my stride back and continued NOT GIVING UP. This was critical to where I am now. Honestly, for the short amount of time where I just kept working and working and working…I never thought I’d be where I am now.

 Late 2016, my mother in law left us. Soon, my father followed. Usually when you’re given great opportunities…someone has to lose something in order for you to gain. My husband had to grow up a little bit more because of his mothers passing. And I had to grow up a lot to deal with his mood swings and everyone after my inheritance.

 Today, I am grateful for the huge gain I assessed in 2016, and I am grateful we dealt with our loses as such…but I will always be in awe of how I started and where I am.

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