Add That To My List


The greatest part of life is the opportunity it yields if you pay attention.

Last year, I was offered the opportunity to work for Vida. It took me an entire month before I realized they wanted my artwork on their website.
This year stars with me working for OMNI. OMNI allows writers to post and make money depending on how many times their article or short story is viewed. The entire reason I’ve gotten as far as I have is from constantly harassing Twitter!
The first thing I’m really excited about with OMNI is that they support their writers. This means when a post of mine is approved, they send out a link to their followers and fans. 
You guessed it. It is circulating around without me having to hunt people down and force feed them my hashtags. However, even though ti’s good to know that…I’m still going to promote my work!
What will be featured are little side stories from my newest novel, Erin Bailey is a Time Lord. I want to run with the idea until I am out of steam for this particular duo.
After that, I will focus on a group of short stories I started back in 2014. This I’m excited for because i never decided on publishing these stories.
I will provide the link for my Vocal page by OMNI and you can now add Freelance Writer on my resume! (Along with animator, designer, artist and self published author)
This is to all my nay sayers out there. Thanks for not believing in me!

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