News and Vaca


The long awaited re-release of Anguished Immortals-Act of the FAallen has finally arrived!
I have already started the process and will inform you once the book is available for purchase.
There are a few more things I want to share with you! 
During the upcoming months, I will be busier than usual. This is due to me hosting my own comic convention. Currently I have three panelists, covering Anime, American comics and Fantasy, three models doing cosplay, two artists, two authors, a poet and two musicians. I also have an awesome grand prize in store for the giveaway I will be hosting!
You will also have an opportunity to win quality made items…which I will also reveal later!
As of right now, I have decided to take a week off, in which case when I return….there will be a new author under my wings!
As I’ve mentioned before, I am not hiring or seeking anyone out. But if you are interested, please be sure to submit your first three chapters of your manuscript, a short and long synopsis all to
During my week away, I’m going to rest! It is much needed considering the fact that I have four children! I’m married as well so perhaps my husband counts as five.
The other exciting thing that will occur when I return? Cosplay photos of some of my favorite characters. They will be added a little at a time, and most are to promote Color Con, Byond Epic Entertainment’s comic convention.
So, starting Wednesday, I will be away. Please be sure to look around, and email me with any questions!
I am mentally and physically tired, and the best way to get any of this done is taking a little break. I hope you all understand, and I will return March 15th (next Wednesday)
Thanks to everyone who has supported me so far, to anyone who visits, and to anyone who’s a fan!

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