A Sad Life


I cannot begin to fathom why I give people chances.
I know that life is hard and can get a lot worse in the blink of an eye, but there are certain things in this world that you should never attempt to drag other people down with you.
First and foremost–every artist has wished they were famous or rich in a short amount of time. So that means the average human being has expectations. Where you go wrong is getting upset when life changes things around for you. You cannot live life on the basis of what someone else should be doing either…as if nothing is expected from you.
I am tired of giving people opportunities only to be used as a crutch. It took me five years to get to this point…so I am not so willing to allow someone to use my hard work to make them feel better.
I have had people disappoint me my entire life, but as an adult I have the ability to act like that shit didn’t happen–and walk away. I’m not telling you to get your shit together because you probably never will.
I’ve given several people the opportunity to grow in my company and only one person has taken it seriously. The American public then has the audacity to complain about their lives or money or how they’re not happy. You don’t have anything work ethic or integrity. Everything is done to suit you, and since the world clearly doesn’t revolve around you…you have to do the same song and dance just to get by day by day.
Every time I want to do something big…everyone gets scared. So fuck all of you–those of you who live life in fear. Every time I do something big…no one takes it serious unless there’s a lot of money involved. Fuck all of you who think life is about getting money. If you were unhappy broke…you’ll be even more so rich.
I am beginning to realize what sets people apart from others. I have to remind a lot of people that I did all of this by myself…so it looks like I will continue to do so. I made the name, wrote the books, and created the artwork. Not only did I have to learn how to illustrate digitally….I also had to grow up…a lot. I promoted all of my work, by myself with my own money. And look at me now.
I went off and did my own thing back in 2012 because other authors of Facebook enjoyed puking back into each other’s mouths. At first, I wondered if that was the best idea…you know…closing myself off.
But none of them helped me with anything. 
So it looks like I’m almost back on square one. I do have a reliable author, at least.
I don’t like giving up. Not in my personality.

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