What I See In You


I used to dream of you every single night.

Hoping that one day I’d be by your side.

Then when I had you I went above and beyond.

But now you’ve lost it all-your heart is gone.
No, I won’t be her. But you can always have me.

We both know that in this world, alone is a crazy thing.

So I will straighten up just for you, and do what I do best.

I’ll say yes.
I never turned my head, always knew that with you’d I stay.

Please don’t forget, I’d die for you any given day

You were so used to pain, I thought there was more for you to regain.

But now you understand, though I’m not perfect you will always be my man.
But I will never be her, but you can always have me.

It’s been a blur, and I do my best to make you happy.

You can’t change the past, but we can pave a bright future.

So let go at last, you’re still holding on to sutures.
They won’t heel. And you won’t feel if you keep looking behind you.

I can’t breathe when I can’t have who I see as my hero.

And I love you too much just as much as you love me.

I can’t change how things have happened.

But there will always be a we.

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