Dear Clear Voice


I went out looking for freelance work. Why?! I’m a starving artist.
I set my eyes on several different outlets…and was HIRED (I mean, they asked me and I said yes) by OMNI…which in fact works well for me.
And here’s why.
Clear Voice, you suck. Sounds like I’m bitter…but Ispent all that time writing up an application, sharing links and so on. And you told me it wasn’t what you were looking for.
I’m sorry I’m not white, perky, or desperate. I did think I would give it a shot. I also realized my resume is as clear as day. I’ve written seven novels, at one time had five of them published through the shit network known as Amazon…and I’m famous. By myself.
There were no men in suits holding pens for me as I went through countless pages of paperwork when Ipurchased my brand, JCS and Byond Epic Entertainment. How dare I, a successful AFfrican American female author…who’s known worldwide for not only her writing BUT her artwork and clothing designs through Vida…take time out of her day to see if she can make an extra buck.
Don’t feel bad, Clear Choice. When Chipotle found out what I did for a living and I mean really found out…they laughed nervously. Who the hell want’s a celebrity making burritos for them? (ME…I do. Jason Mamao is my first choice.)
Here’s where you messed up. I can channel this to anyone I want. But I want to make sure you understand that you cannot suggest your site be of the greatest opportunity and turn down probably the greatest writer of our time.
I took over a British writing site with two of my books from two different series of mine. Took me a week with one, and a month with the other. But, I understand.
How dare I take a chance. Or is it…I’m too good for you 🙂
I will not be bitter about it. Besides, OMNI let’s me write sci-fi stories when time permits…and they do really well. But thanks for letting me embarrass you anyway!

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