Celebrity Minimalist 


I, like most women.
Well. I love to shop. In recent years, I’ve experienced and influx in funds…and crap.
In 2014…I took a step back and looked over everything I owned. I had recently went through a horrific relationship and breakup…where my ex took most of my beloved items. When I got a hold of more money…I replaced what I owned and found myself dissatisfied.
Once I pulled out what I liked and threw away and gave away what I didn’t need. I felt much better.
I continued in my quest though, ultimately realizing that genuine goods are best (i.e. Leather, sterling silver, gold, fur, etc.) However, you can purchase these items in excess as well. 
If it’s a leather purse…a good leather purse…what more do you need? 
My country, America, is especially prone to overspending and the excessive purchasing of items. Not even anything we need, either. If you’re not going to take care of it…no need to buy more. No one…literally…takes care of their personal belongings because it’s easier than ever to simply replace them and move on.
I have found value in holding on to genuine goods. For example, I have a pair of earrings I’ve had since I was 17. That’s 13 years! Why is that important?
The way you view owning anything….is how you view the world and other people. Nothing more needs to be elaborated with that statement. 
But…you’ll see me not only wearing the same things over…I won’t be replacing anything unless it all burns in a fire. I don’t want to be attached to the comfort of replacing items that have no value to my soul.
But that’s the art of being happy with what you have. An art I am still progressing in.
Take some time to evaluate what you own. If you need extra storage space for things you don’t need(or use)…start there.
It’s advice. You can choose to ignore it. But take it from a famous person. Quality over quantity.

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