Boys with Sticks 


Every time the sun rises, a new day starts. This is obvious to anyone alive on the planet.
I recall growing up. Nothing “bad” happened to the point that it affected the entire planet. (Or perhaps nothing I could recall).
I remember when it finally caught up to me. I was eight when I saw people being pushed out of their homes just because. When people were being hacked to death…just because. And violence. Tons of violence. I was so confused. 
I live in America. I didn’t see it except from afar. It was as if I had a wall surrounding me on all sides.
It worried me. A lot. But I didn’t feel like I had a voice.
I remember sitting in English class early morning on September 11th. When the teacher announced it. That echoing feeling all about you…To this day, when I see a plane…I panic a little. I don’t want to go over theories or reasons…but it was awful. The entire thing. I felt the world rattling loose under my feet. I knew things had changed.
My eyes were opened. I even saw things weren’t so peachy keen closer to home. Children, like myself, being molested and abused. People killing others over rag colors…and innocent bystanders bearing the brunt. Individuals finding ways to comfort the pain…even by means of death.
All of it circled in and out of my mind and I was sure I’d go insane.
The next series of events, especially in the 2010s really set the concrete for a new world we’re living in. Homosexuality has been accepted (under some circumstances) so everyone from transgenders to lesbians began speaking out. Then, racial climates began unfolding. As if it ever went away. Children want to grow up, and often times end up disappearing, on drugs…or pregnant. With all of this…social media allowed people to voice their wicked thoughts on behalf of others who didn’t deserve their opinion and cruel sentiments.
And everyone is concerned about the debt this country owes.
I…to this day…want to scream. Here we are, getting mad at mild traffic violations and a 12 year old girl goes missing…due to “adult and explicit” activity found on her device.
Half away across the world, no one can enjoy anything anymore without fear of dying. And often times, celebrities are being targeted just because they openly feel a certain way. Entire countries won’t allow those who need help more than anyone to seek a safe haven. 
Don’t avert your eyes. And stop pretending it’s someone else’s fault. It’s everyone’s problem. Not just anyone who has a foot in politics. Or has money.
I encourage you as I encourage myself. Do not blind yourself to what’s going on. Treat others with respect and love. Figure out what matters most.
And stop trying to be right. There is no such thing.

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  1. mahesh shukla says:

    Very nice…

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