No Handouts


A lot has happened in the last year. I’ve experienced tragedy and triumph.
I began to realize as the year went along how fickle minded individuals are. Yes, I’m going to blog about it…
First and foremost. I earned my privileges. I am an accomplished woman. And yet I still have so much to do. I do my best to considers others situations but I haven’t had my hand out when it comes to the goals I’ve set…and met.
It is all from hard work and determination. Not because I’m pretty. I used my good looks to attract attention. But my beautiful face and colorful hair did not write my books or bring some of my characters to life.
Once I put myself out there, I was able to see people for what they really are. 
Not everyone can fame, no matter how great or small. You need to remind yourselves. I’m not just famous. I have a small start up company known as Byond Epic Entertainment. I’ve hired three people and I’ve already fired someone. 
People stare at me and often times, freak out when they find out who I am and what I do.
But I didn’t do all that I’ve done and do for that. I began something that will continue to grow. It will not stop.
Forgive me for being honest, but if you think life is done with handouts…you belong in a soup kitchen line. Not in my face! 

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