Falling into the Noise



I recently added 15 new friends on Facebook.…


And it turned into this thing. Where I woke up the next morning…to 900+ requests! Isn’t that insane?


The truth of the matter is…some…if not most of these individuals are insane. On some level. I cannot class my caliber of insanity with them, either, let’s just say that. At the same time, people just want to be loved and appreciated for who they are. Fall is just around the corner, so everyone is looking for someone to be warm with during the holiday season. The only issue is where they’re seeking love.


Facebook is the last place on earth that is intangible that should be used as a basis to find a soul mate. Men claim women have utter disregard. Women claim men aren’t worth their time and effort. Meanwhile, they continue scouring Facebook (and I’m sure, other media outlets) looking for the perfect mate.


Aside from the obvious, there is no such thing as a perfect mate. Everyone seems to be concerned about looks, money and sex. But no one seems to be concerned about respect, morals, and propriety. These are key factors in being something as simple as a coworker.


You are reading this and wondering if I’m judging you, but I am only pointing out what I see and telling you the truth.


The third issue that begets ignorance is the lack of education, understanding, and self confidence. The women are quick to show everything and the men are eager to eat it up. Once they’ve found who they feel is suitable, they immediately begin a relationship that ultimately ends after Valentine’s Day, and in some cases includes a growing fetus.


If I can see it, and I’m sure I’m not the only one, and I’ve avoided it…why can’t you? Do you enjoy the back and forth simplicity of scratching that itch? Does it tickle your fancy to be on child support? Is it okay to be viewed as a play thing?


Or do you even care?


I ask this, and note the previous because everyone on this planet-young or old–demands some form of respect. And it seems like…those who do the most dirt expect the most respect out of everyone. I’m issuing this statement to suggest that perhaps you are undeserving? Especially considering how quick you lead off to hurt other people.


I am not saying everyone should be formally educated, such as myself. I’m also not telling you how to live your life. It is something that needs actual thought, because from where I sit…hell is on earth.


As a last statement before I end my entry…we live in a world where nothing matters until people start dying. So at least there’s that. But my honest, whole hearted opinion is…


We are living like junkies…addicted to the noise and chaos that surrounds us because we’ve managed to trick ourselves into believing it’s alright to be down and out. And instead of silencing all that seems to consume us, we in turn, fall into the noise.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Brenda Turner-Griffin says:

    I try so hard to escape the noise but is almost impossible. I am speaking of the actual and figurative noise. Without silence and solitude, I can not recharge my heart and soul or find strength to battle against the cacophony around me. There are the rare gifts of a friendly smile, an opened door, a sweet hello that bring me hope that I can survive this world of noise where no one listens.

    1. The Gorgeous Nerd says:

      I appreciate the comment, and suggest reading my newest post. I’m sure you’ll come to see why 🙂

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