The Mantra Against A Systematic World




Today is 9/11. No, I have not reflected. People lost their lives, but I found out during that event…it hadn’t just been American born individuals. And everytime we recall that dreadful day, we never fully recognize it.


I am not one to drive a theory home, but things about the events were suspicious enough for me to believe that our country doesn’t always have our best interest in mind. What supposedly was an act of war, led us into Iraq and Afghanistan…ultimately ruining millions of lives for claims that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. And sure, we claim to have gone after Osama Bin Laden, but it took us almost a decade…and so many people lost their lives.


I don’t shed a tear on this day because the orchestration wasn’t meant for me to be sorrowful. It concerns me that people are willing to sacrifice so many lives in the attempts to live forever. It’s sickening to know that a select few think they’re more important than everyone else.


Furthermore, since there are so many stars in the sky, you, yourself, you mean nothing. Yet, and still, you mean everything. We are everything, and my belief…we are everywhere. Of course, I’m far more open minded than the average individual. I also may just be extremely hopeful and naive. I have seen the human condition, it is selfishness.


It has grown and festered to the point that no one sees their own bullshit. It’s a strong word to use, but it’s the truth. We estimate how we feel on the basis of what we want. A stemming evaluation would suggest a lot of us are beyond the terminology egotistical. And we’ve simply progressed into monsters as the ages have gone along.


I also want you to keep in mind, that this isn’t really all that new. Humans, since the beginning of time, have had the urge to get over on everyone. Cain killed Abel out of pure jealousy. You can flip the context as much as you’d like, but it was an example to show those who were paying attention…that human nature will probably never change.


Let’s say you have everything you need. A house stocked with food and other necessities (like toilet paper and soap), a vehicle, a boy and a girl, a dog that doesn’t chew anything, and an attractive spouse who’s able to satisfy you on all levels. What more could you possibly need?


Well, you don’t. You don’t need a single thing. But, I guarantee you, he or she feels empty…like something’s missing. Because they’ve taken so much time out of their lives to not be carnal…they begin to realize that watching strange porn satisfies them. Or doing drugs. Or…let’s take it there…taking someone’s life.


Am I telling you we live in a systematic world? Unfortunately, yes. This doesn’t mean to hit the streets, rioting. A million voices will never be heard under the boot of evil. But you have a secret weapon that no one can possibly ever take from you.


Inner peace.

One does not simply find it and hold on to it. It is derived from letting go, and it is kept by continuously letting go. Meditation, spiritual cleansing, mantras…all of it…is the only way you can truly NOT be systematic.


You have to eat, and take care of yourself, so don’t take this advice to the extreme. It is something I recommend exploring, because your voice will never be heard. Once you dive into it, there is no going back. Consider is a faux pa version of the Matrix. You won’t necessarily be on board the Nebuchadnezzar, per say, but your third eye will open. And through this you will understand…that mourning is also systematic.


I wish I could relay all that I feel and know, but I’m positive a lot wouldn’t understand. And I also want to include, that a lot won’t appreciate it…or even care for that matter.


That is my view on this holiday. Rough, isn’t it?


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