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I have completed another book, and I’m currently holding my breath as of yet. Despite the ranting and raging I’ve been doing, I have been very busy over here! Firstly, I have a seasonal job. Bills need to be paid, right? Secondly, I may have the opportunity to publish Erin Bailey is a Time Lord, but I’m not entirely sure what will happen and when.


If I have to wait longer than I can manage, I will probably not go along with the plan. There isn’t a plan yet, and since I have my own publishing company…I am not sure what to expect. I am very excited and that’s all I can say.


Erin Bailey is a time traveling deity who was not only created spontaneously, he traveled from the beginning to the end, creating his own residue and damaging time itself upon his return. AS he fumbles through four hundred billions years he almost destroyed, he patches together a plan to create a woman known as Cassandra (aka the Grand Anomaly) but ends up falling in love with her–while slowing reliving every mistake he made in his previous trip through time. Despite support from those who’ve come to care for the eccentric, well dressed god, Erin has a couple of secrets one should know before befriend him. That he is time itself, and that he knows exactly what will happen next.


Apart from The Anguished Immortals Trilogy and Bleeding Stars and Paper Hearts, Erin Bailey is a Time Lord is purely science fiction. I usually stick with fantasy (as is Anguished Immortals) and BSPH is a mixture of the two genres.


I’m really excited to bring this to the table, but I’m going to take my time. After all, I do have another job and a family!

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