Featured Poet: David Awunor


I know today is glum, miserable…as it started with the surprise of painful tragedy. Let’s split between the dark, with poetry. Words can move masses…in a good way.

I love showing new work! Especially work as good as the young man I am reintroducing to you. Last year, I was able to share his poetry. And he’s offered me that opportunity again!


Please enjoy my featured poet, David Awunor.


Who Will Believe


If i tell a tale

Of love lost and betrayal

Who will believe me?



If i speak of,

Of unshed tears and,

And unhealed wounds

Who will take pity on me?



Who will unearth

The sadness beneath the smile?

Or who will fish out

The lies within “I’m fine”?

Who will? Who will?


Who knows

The pain the burning Sun bears?

Or the hurt the weeping clouds feel?

If for a second they spoke,

Will you believe?


About author:

David Awunor is an Android developer, a Blogger and an Internet

Entrepreneur. Reading his poems such as the epic “Soon We Will Part Ways”,

would leave you wondering how a computer geek could come up with such

literary masterpiece. As many have described him, there’s indeed more to

David than meets the eye.
D-Awunor (1)

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