To Observe, To Write




Early today, I came across an article that stated women were literally working for free. Do you understand what that means? It means we work, pay bills and have nothing saved up. All of our hard earned money for back to the country and we set out for work the next day like nothing is wrong.


A lot is wrong with this image. There are a lot of single mom families. Or, the men just aren’t cut for this type of life. You know, waking up and making tough decisions. I bring this up…because everyone seems to think someone owes them something.


No one owes you anything, especially if you have no idea who you are or what you’re doing. Then we have individuals running around demeaning their loved ones worth because they’re jealous and controlling. Women are not keen to that, and most women look at their kids, pack up and leave.


I want to say we’ve got to do better, but I know actions speak louder than words. I recently had two things happen. A man told me I looked like a transgender male. He said this knowing I wasn’t attracted to him. He also called me stupid. The best part is…he added me as a friend. You cannot add someone then talk about them because you’re insecure. It isn’t going to make you feel better.


Then, I had someone tell me if they couldn’t discontinue what they were doing if more money wasn’t made. What? That’s really stupid. Why? Because being rich doesn’t mean a damn thing. I’d rather be whole, successful, accomplished and influential than rich any day.


I like nice things. So I bought nice things so they could last. That’s why there’s a scale of cheap to expensive items to purchase…worldwide. Something for everyone. I know better. You buy good leather shoes…you don’t have to replace your shoes every season. Same goes for purses, jewelry, anything.


I know that even with money, my lupus will not disappear.


The last note I would like to bring up is what occurs more often than ever before. “Fake geniuses” people who are clever…not intelligent. You can be clever all you want, smarts wins through and through. You can have the gift of gab or know how to read people…being…oh I dunno…observant? Not to your benefit, but to the world around you…beats smarts anyday. So being a smartass means nothing. It’s another way to shield what’s really going on deep down inside. Stop trying to destabilize someone else’s worth so you can feel good about yourself. People don’t need helped being dragged down…they’ve got their own messes going on!



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